About the Fact that Visual Languages have much less in common than the verbal tongues.

It is said that language is the main vehicle of information, whether it is spoken or written. Yet we know that more than 70 percent of human communication is non verbal, in the form of gestures, tone of voice and body language.

A language consists of letters, words and phrases set in a structured system, often on a national or regional level. When people settled after the great migrations they spoke their tribal languages with their own inherited rules.

When the idea of the national…

The dilemma of designing new, distinct and efficient visual identities, and to convince it’s qualities to the human set of mind.

We learn by experience, and we learn more from our failures than from our successes. We have done so from the dawn of time. While a failure can be broken up in it’s different components and stages, success only flows along. Not that it isn’t equally difficult to achieve, successes are often harder to decipher.

Uniquely recognizable, and a success against all odds

Successes can be repeated by doing exactly the same over and over. Failures happens more often when one tries to do things differently. I…


Cretalux er latin og betyr lyskritt. I navnet ligger vår filosofi — viktigheten i å skape sterke, nærmest lysende identiteter, både for produkter og bedrifter.

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